Year 2 Semester 2 Group Project Vitacress project.

Introduction – Aims and Objectives. 

  • For this project I was invited by Vitacress to design an artwork to cover the large vessels outside the cafeteria with the design theme of herbs’ to convey the vegetation  products they sell.​
  • I will first draw three pieces of concept art to give a variety of choices and have a basis for the final product to stand upon.​
  • The designs should have a calm and herb theme to them, and they will be constructed in photoshop.​
Gantt chart timeline.

Concept art: 1

trompe l’oeil

  • The brief suggest that I use a technique called Trompe L’oeil. Which is to use 2d artwork to create the illusion of a 3d image.​ So, I gathered research for examples to show what I should aim for. ​ For my own work I will translate this to a herb/nature theme to fit the purpose of the product.​

For this first concept art, I drew a wind face blowing the herbs into the soil , this is done to symbolise the growth of the spring/summer seasons and the work of the company. ​

​Behind are two hills with the sun in the sky in the top right with its beams of light spraying across the land , to create a serene and calm scene. On the top of the sun will be an artwork covering the vessel tube , creating the illusion that the vessel’s tube is powering the sun. ​

Concept art: 2

In the second concept art I drew a snail crossing the soil and dropping herb seeds that cause the herbs to grow instantly behind him. This is done to symbolise the fertilisation of the land and in the final version the snail will look like he is made of moss informing the reader of the growth of nature.​

In the sky there will be clouds in the shape of fish and the sun will be designed to look like a seashell with bubbles coming out of it , whilst being placed near the vessels tube.  This will be done to give the illusion of the tube filling the tank with sky that could also be interpreted as watering the ground with the sky , in a surreal but relaxing way.  

Concept art: 3

For the third and last piece of concept art I drew a herb seed near the vessels tube with a long herb plant growing out of it. The herb will grow from all three hundred and sixty degrees round the vessel and the background will have a healthy earth colour to give the image a calm tone to its appearance. ​

This will be done to symbolise the products they produce and the natural flow of nature.   

Target audience.

Vitacress artwork: 1

I took inspiration from Mosaic architecture on Pinterest to give the art piece a classical and calm feel to the artwork. ​

The top and bottom right images are for the grass, the middle right top is for the soil and the lower middle right is for the sky. ​

The architecture on the left is for the sun.​

  • I developed the landscape image at a scale that my computer can hold its capacity but in the final versions all the artwork will be bigger. ​(3300px – 2550px) Below is where I placed the soil mosaic pieces to give the impression of land that is rich with earth fertilisation. ​
Lasso tool.
  • For the sky I placed a wavy light and dark blue-sky mosaic piece that can also symbolise the wind blowing in the air with its wave like design.  ​Below is where I constructed the first hill by placing a green mosaic piece and using the lasso tool to carve out a hill shape to look like a lush grass area. 
Ellipse tool.

In the lower image I placed the next grassy mosaic piece next to the first hill and then proceeded with the same tactic of using the lasso tool to create a hill. The yellow part of the right hill is to imply wheat that is commonly found on farming areas and the hill is placed Infront of the left one to give a sense of distance.​

In the top image is where I used the Ellipse tool to create a circle for the sun mosaic can go and then used the lasso tool to delete the areas of the shape that were outside the circle. ​

I then placed the yellow mosaic strands around the sun , touching the ground to symbolise rays of light. I used the lasso tool to remove ends that bleed into the grass. ​

As I said my concept art phase that the sun is located where the vessel’s tube is to give the illusion that the tube is powering the sun to give light to the land. ​

How to bend a shape.
Rectangle tool below.

To create the herbs I used a rectangle tool to form the stems and the ellipse tool to make the leaves. I used the gradient tool to selected two different shades of green both to show that the shapes were of a plant and to give their appearance and colour dimensions a 3D quality. ​

I used the edit>transform> warp tool to bend the herbs in different directions to show that they are moving In the wind. ​

The herbs at the right end are in the air so that they look like they are being blown onto the ground. 

For the next part I cropped the wind face from my concept art that I trimmed using the lasso tool and rotated slightly to look like the face was blowing wind to place the herbs in the soil. ​

I painted the first top half of the soil green to show how far the soil has been fertilised and the wind looking like a man’s face can both symbolise the wind and the farmers that plant the crops , building a sense of relatability to the target audience. ​

The face is coloured white to give a cloud like ethereal appearance. 

Finally for a design choice that might not stay is the addition of a window to give the trompe l’oeil feel of looking out at your garden/field from a house. ​

I cropped the windows using the rectangular marquee tool.​

But this might interfere with the tube sun connection, but I thought I would share this idea just in case. 

  • From feedback from lectures, they liked how I described the procedure of my design but said that the window needed to go as it was on a vessel not a wall. ​Which I will gladly provide in this final version of the first vitacress artwork.

Vitacress artwork: 2

I once again went to printrest to gather materials to create the second image. ​

As this one will be more surreal, I will aim for more realistic textures like the earth , cloud , water and moss textures. ​

Above is an image of a snail and fish that I will crop round the cloud/moss textures to make look like they are made of moss/cloud. 

  • I will used this picture of a seashell and crop it on top of the sun mosaic architecture I used in artwork #1.  ​
  •  Here is a bubble I found on Pinterest ; I used the image to display it bursting out of the sun shell that is also connected to the vessel’s tube to create the illusion of it generating the sea/sky that is watering the soil. ​
  • I used the image of the compost heap I found on google images to display the moss snail leaving the compost behind him.
Brush tool.
  • I first took a plain background and placed the water/sky image in and resized the picture to cover the top and most of the middle of the artwork. ​​I then placed the compost image on the left and used the lasso tool to cut it so it may appear like a bumpy hill of soil that the moss snail left behind. ​
  • I used the same shade of green on the moss snail , using the brush tool to colour the hill’s edges , to make the hill of compost look like it was made by the moss snail.
Bubble group.
  • I then copped and pasted the herb designs from my first artwork and enlarged them to be in scale with the moss snail.​ Next, I used the same shade of yellow as the sun texture to create the light beams and clicked on (transform + wrap) to enlarge the ends. This was done to have them look like how beams of light extend through water. ​ To create the sea bubbles, I took the bubble image and pasted it six times. Then I grouped each three bubbles together to be more organised. They appear on top of the light beams as they are blown from the sun sea, shell.
  • Constructing the moss snail was quite interesting , as I used the image of the snail to cut the moss texture behind. Using the black colour on the paint brush tool was quite challenging as I needed to form a figure of a realistic snail accurately. ​Like the snail I used a similar technique by cutting a cloud texture behind an image of a fish and then going over with a black brush tool to create the cloud fish’s body.​ To create the floor, I used the images of earth soil to look like the ground and half of the top is covered in grass to forge the illusion of the moss snail fertilising the ground. 
  • Finally for the sun seashell I used the image of the shell to cut out behind the sun texture. I then went over with a black brush tool to construct the shell shape that is inside the image. This image is designed this way to give the Illusion of the the sky being both the ocean and watering the plants on the ground. The image will be position in a way to make it appear that the tube is pouring the sun seashell to bring light into the image. 

Here is the final version at the moment. ​Feel free to provide feedback on any areas of improvement. 

– Jamie joyce.

Vitacress artwork: 3

  • To make the third and final vitacress artwork I will use the same compost image from the second artwork as it seems to be of a fine earthly colour. ​
  • I went onto google images and took two images , one of an herb seed beginning to germinate , the other is the rest of the herb pant. ​
  • I decided to use a real herb plant for this image as I was going for a slightly more realistic look.

I found a sunshine effect on Pinterest to use as a source of light for the scene. Making the earth and herb look livelier. 

  • I first created a blank page which I then  copied and pasted the composed textured many times to create the earth background. ​
  • I took the sunshine effect and placed it on the left to both bring light to the image and set a calm happy tone.  
  • I then placed the herb seed near the top and cropped the shape.​ Next, I copied the herb seed and then pasted it the other way. Then I took the Herb stem and copied it then used (transform>wrap) to bend them , giving then the illusion of the plant moving a full 360% around the tanker. ​
  • Finally, I used Kyle charcoal ultimate pencil 25px blue brush tool to paint a pool of water , giving the look of a river. ​I used the same paint style of brush tool to give a yellow sun vain in the beginnings of the roots. This is done to give the illusion that the tank vessel’s tube is pouring water into the plant , making it grow and the sun raise in the plant as it adsorbs the sun’s light. ​This can also be seen as a visual allegory for the never-ending circle of life , as it ever grows.  

Here is the final version at the moment. ​

Feel free to provide feedback on any areas of improvement. 


Vitacress Branding.

  • I decided to use an image off of Pinterest that contain verist herb types to use to construct the letters of the logo to symbolise their products.​
  • For the first part of the design, I took the old logo and pint-tooled the inter image light brown to match the colour of soil , which herbs will be planted in.
  • I used the herbs to shape the letters of the company name to use as synergy with the product they sell.​ Some parts of the letters I grouped together , so I can better manage them.
  • The next step was to use the eye-droop tool to get the exact shade of green of the herbs to create a green line shaped border around the logo, to both give a sense of space and create synergy with the text. ​I grouped the text together so that I can move them more easily. 

  • Then I re-positioned the title so more of the background space is evenly shared with the text. ​I clicked on windows>timeline so that I could create a short animation on the logo. So that there could possibly be an intro animation for the company website.

Here are the animation shoots , I repeated the second and third row three times so that there is a clear time of movement between frames.

Here is the final version of the branding I have now  but can be edit from your feedback. ​

Again, brand design is still optional, and we can keep the old design instead.

– jamie joyce

Here is the animated version of the concept redesign of the Vitacress logo. I am now waiting for feedback from Karen Young who states: